Tenant Participation Agreement

Tenant Participation Agreement

Upon completing the Insurent® Application, and if you qualify, you will receive an Insurent® Qualification Certificate.

You can show the Insurent® Qualification Certificate to brokers and landlords to expedite the lease approval process. Once you find your specific apartment, Insurent® will verify your application data and references.

Upon validation of your information including employment and other references, you and the landlord will then commence the rental lease process for the apartment. The Insurent® Lease Guaranty will be issued when you have executed the Tenant Participation Agreement and you have paid the fee for the Insurent® Lease Guaranty. The policy goes into effect when you execute your rental lease agreement with the landlord. A Coverage Rider to the landlord is issued certifying that such respective lease is guaranteed under the Landlord Master Policy in such building.

Click here to view the Tenant Participation Agreement (NY).

Click here to view the Tenant Participation Agreement (Other States).

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