Renter Obstacle: Tough Landlords

You are a student

Landlords are especially hard on foreign and US students.

Moreover, most landlords will not take parental or other guarantors (who need to have a minimum annual income of 75x-85x times the monthly rent sought) unless they live in the tri-state area and have good credit. Landlords will not take foreign guarantors in all cases. Therefore, foreign students do not have acceptable guarantors and normally have to put up 6-12 months security or prepay 12 months rent (if even allowed in the building).? Many? US? students do not have parents that meet the landlords’ requirements.

SOLUTION: Insurent Rental Cosigner Service

Insurent will quickly and easily issue guarantees for foreign students and US students if their parent(s) has a minimum annual income of 50x the monthly rent (here or overseas)? or? have cash assets/marketable securities (here or overseas) of approximately 80x the monthly rent. With the Insurent Guaranty, the student will only have to give the landlord one? month security and payment of the first month’s rent.

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