Renter Obstacle: Self-Employed

The unwanted self-employed renter

The unwanted self-employed renter

You have found a perfect $4,000 apartment. You are self-employed and your income is not completely stable and was down a little last year, but you have been in business for yourself for 4 years and have good credit. However, the landlord is uncomfortable with you (and many other self-employed candidates) due to recent the income decline, and asked for 8 months security or an individual guarantor who makes a minimum of $320,000 (80 times the monthly rent). You do not have such a guarantor nor do you wish to put up 8 months security.

SOLUTION:  Insurent Lease Guarantor Service

Given your credit record and your income above 27.5x the monthly rent, Insurent will guaranty your lease for less than one month’s rent and you only have to put up one month of security. You can quickly get the apartment, and the landlord is happy too.

Happy hunting!