Renter Obstacle: Making 50 times the monthly rent

NYC guarantor

You don’t make 40-50x the rent, requirement of nearly all landlords in NYC.

You have a great job! Your salary is well above the nation’s average, you are making $80,000 in a single-person household. You should be celebrating in this economy to be doing so well but unfortunately you live in New York City. The gorgeous $2,800 studio on Bleecker and West 10th requires you to make 45 x the rent = $126,000.
You don’t want to ask your parents, your grandparents, your best family friends to submit themselves through the painstaking process of becoming a guarantor and you aren’t even sure if you have a guarantor who then needs to make 80x the rent which is $200,000. (Landlords require 45 x the rent for you and 80x the rent for a guarantor)?

SOLUTION: Insurent’s Rental Guarantor Service

Insurent requires you to only make 27.5x the monthly rent!!! $77,000 ($2,800 studio x 27.5) If you have good credit (not perfect like some landlords require) Insurent will act as your cosigner/guarantor for your studio. Your landlord gets the security they want and you get the apartment you always dreamed of.