Renter Obstacle: How you can get that larger apartment?

The Trade-up Renter

You need a larger apartment: the trade-up renter.

Your wife just had a first or second child and you need a larger apartment with another bedroom, or you just want to get the nicer and more expensive apartment in your building. The only problem is that you do not meet the landlord’s income requirements for the larger apartment even though you have good credit and qualify for your current smaller apartment. You know that you can afford it, but you do not have an individual guarantor who makes 80x the monthly rent nor do you want to put most of your savings up as additional security, if that is even allowed in the building.

SOLUTION: Insurent Lease Rental Cosigner Service

For approximately 75% – 80% of one month’s rent, you can have Insurent quickly and easily guarantee your lease for the more expensive apartment. No frustrating and embarrassing search for a wealthy relative or friend to be a guarantor, or possibly having to temporarily give up most of your savings as a security deposit..

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