How renting in NYC is unlike anywhere else

Brickunderground on "Ways renting in NYC is unlike anywhere else"

Brick Underground offers all the reasons why renting in New York is so tough!

You’ll Probably Need a Guarantor: 

Most landlords in New York require that tenants earn an annual salary of 40 to 50 times the monthly rent. If you don’t, they’ll ask for a guarantor who lives in the tri-state area and makes 80 to 100 times your rent.
Instead of a guarantor, some landlords will accept a higher security deposit  (two to six months of rent) or prepayment of part of the first year’s rent. Note that rent-stabilized buildings – many of which are newer rental buildings, are not allowed to take a higher security deposit.
In this situation, Insurent can help because we act as a professional guarantor for tenants with clean credit histories.

You’ll pay:

  • If U.S. – 80% of a month’s rent


  • If International/no U.S. credit record: 110% of a month’s rent

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