How Insurent helps students and recent graduates

How Insurent Helps Students & Recent Graduates

Insurent’s goal is to give U.S. and international students the best opportunity to obtain their desired apartment. Insurent is able to guarantee their leases based on their parent’s income and/or cash liquid assets (here or overseas).

Insurent’s unique ability to act as the guarantor for U.S. and foreign students gives all students a good chance of getting the apartment they want in a desirable and safe neighborhood convenient to their college or university.

Upon graduation, Insurent enables and empowers the new graduate entering the workforce to qualify on their own for the apartment that best meets the needs of the graduate in his/her adjustment to the working world’s demands.

Often on their first job, the new employee will be working late hours and shouldn’t have to have safety concerns when coming home tired and distracted. At the same time, they want to be able to get some sleep and be able to return to work quickly and conveniently. To enable the recent grad to get their first choice apartment, Insurent uses reasonable income criteria (annual income of 27.5x the monthly rent

Most new employees cannot meet the NYC landlords’ stringent requirements of 40x-50x the monthly rent, and therefore they cannot qualify for a $3,000-$3,500 per month one bedroom. However, with Insurent, they can quickly qualify online in 15 minutes. In addition, when the new working grad makes less than 27.5x the monthly, he/she can still qualify for the apartment by using their parent as a Responsible Party on Insurent’s agreement with the renter. Insurent’s annual income standard for Responsible Parties of 50x the monthly rent is significantly lower than the typical landlords’ standards of 75x-90x the monthly rent for a guarantor, and enables thousands of more parents to qualify as responsible parties to help their young adult children get their chosen apartment. Insurent goes the extra mile to enable recent grads to have the best apartment to start their working careers.