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Hear what Insurent®’s guarantor service has done to help renters find their perfect apartment and aid brokers in closing more deals.

Insurent is a great option for those who can’t meet a landlord’s requirement or don’t have a guarantor. They are also extremely professional and efficient, which makes the whole process so much easier! Corinne Matthews, Broker/ Relocation Specialist
Insurent is a great option for those who can’t meet a landlord’s requirement or don’t have a guarantor.
Extremely professional and efficient! Sayuri S., Renter
I needed to secure my apartment just before going on vacation, so time was not on my side. Thanks to the amazing team at Insurent (and my amazing broker) I was able to get the quick turn-around on the approval I needed. Christopher D., Renter
My three roommates and I just graduated from college and didn’t qualify on our own for the lease on our dream apartment. Insurent solved all our problems–they helped us get our apartment and DID IT IN UNDER A WEEK! Cliff M., Renter
Even as a recent college graduate, Insurent helped me get the apartment I dreamed of. Their agents are incredibly professional. Emails were returned within minutes and they happily answered all of my landlord’s questions. Smooth, easy, friendly and professional. Gunner A., Renter
I needed a guarantor with an overly picky management company for a rental. Insurent stepped right in and problem solved the same day. They are fast and friendly Inkun Y., Renter
Just finished up a deal with a corporate lease no SS, plus a new company to the United states. Wow everyone at insurent was so fast and helpful. Put simply insurent makes the most difficult situations easy and painless for all parties involved. K. Carscaden, Broker
When I was left in a bind to get my client into a building without having to cough up multiple months of security, Insurent was there. The customer service alone is so fast and personal, the COO personally executed the deal for us within one hour! So when you need an effective, efficient, and economic solution……think Insurent! M. Darnell, Broker
I had a long term foreign client who had been renting in short term units. He decided to rent on a yearly basis in NYC. Although he had the financial ability to rent, his credit was questionable. Using Insurent to guarantee his rent for a year, he was able to rent the apartment of his choose. Thank you Insurent for helping to make this deal a reality! M. Portnof, Broker
When it comes to leasing in Manhattan it can be very tough with some companies. Insurent helped my client get their dream apartment… Not only did they save my deal but they also made my client extremely happy which brought more business for me. Thank you so much and keep up the fantastic work!!! I look forward to our future endeavors. Nicholas R., Broker
We’ve found a wonderful apartment in NYC but we are a start-up foreign company….with Insurent we got the solution in few days!!! fast, and so kind in helping us and in answering to all our questions. Nicola G., Renter
I had a client from Puerto Rico and even though his parents were American citizens the major US landlord would not accept them as guarantors. We called Insurent in the morning, and LITERALLY within 45 minutes of our providing the most basic of information, we had approval. They contacted the landlord, who then immediately approved the lease.
It was an amazingly quick, simple process. The deal would not have gotten done without Insurent. They are THE BEST. R. Beacham, Broker
I would be stuck in a rat-infested shoebox if not for Insurent. Thanks to them, I am able to live close to work, and in a great apartment that otherwise I would have not been able to jump through the management’s hoops for! Steve B., Renter
I used Insurent 3 months ago to get an incredible 3 bedroom apartment. It is the best option for recent college grads who are successful and don’t want to use their parents as guarantors. The process was really easy and now I’m hopefully set for all future NYC apartments. Zach J, Renter
All I want to do is say THANK YOU Insurent. I have closed over 10 deals this year alone because Insurent was an option for my clients. From foreign students to many other reasons a building would not approve a client, Insurent was there. It was a life saver for my clients. Very fast and easy process. Same day approval. Thank you again and again. J. Haddad, Broker
I am have used Insurent twice already and have had the best experience working with the company. The team is personable and they quickly qualified my applications. I am so grateful that someone has finally come to the rescue of us individuals who don’t meet the ridiculous standards city living places on its’ occupants. My roommates and I are in our twenties and it seems what we make is never enough to qualify for a luxury building. We are girls and we value this type of building for security reasons. I have relied on Insurent for the past two years for the following reasons:
1 – The economic downturn left all our parents in a position where they could not financially qualify to guarantee our apartment
2 – We are all ready to be independent of our parents, and Insurent lets us do that! Jennifer H., Renter
I found a great apartment in Midtown, and ever though i could easily afford the rent, i did not qualify, Insurent saved the day, and i managed to get the free rent offer in time, if you need and apartment and run into issues i highly recommend Insurent. Jeremy L., Renter
My landlord had never heard of Insurent and was reluctant to sign on, but I desperately needed the cosign. Insurent was incredibly responsive and and walked my landlord through the process. It was a great outcome and resolved quickly. John P., Renter